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Are your portions too BIG?

Are you eating healthy, exercising and still not losing weight? Remember your total calorie intake will determine whether you lose weight. Many people don’t realize how much they are actually consuming and then feel frustrated when they don’t lose weight. Portion control is essential for weight loss and weight maintenance. How big are your portions? […]

Are you staying on track?

Staying motivated and on track with changes to your diet and exercise can be hard when your tired or having a hard day, it just seems easier to do what you know. This is when you need to have a look at your before picture and then go through your goals. Remember you can do […]

Are you setting your Goals?

Be honest with yourself and your abilities when setting goals. If at any time you realize your goal may have been a bit unrealistic, simply revise your goals. Have a deadline for your goal and tell people about it! Telling others makes you more accountable! 1. Always write your goals down 2. Post your goals […]