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Sexy abs for busy moms!

Guide for busy moms who want flat sexy abs. Discover the secrets to permanent fat loss for busy moms. Get your skinny jeans workout ebook and get started today!

About Tamara Kosaba

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for visiting my blog Amazing Moms Fatloss today! My goal is to provide busy moms a resource for fitness and nutrition tips that get results without spending hours at the gym or starving yourself! In the article below it gives you a snapshot of who is this Tamara and […]

Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans Party!

Learn how to get back into your skinny jeans with the help of Tamara Kosaba. You and your friends will learn how to lose fat, gain sexy muscle with easy tips and systems for nutrition and home workouts that get amazing results.

Open House Koi Day Spa May 6th 7pm

Our challenge for April is just ending and we are excited to see the amazing results! Congratulations to everyone that took part in the challenge! Koi Day Spa has opened their spa on May 6th @ 7pm to help us celebrate! If you have any questions please feel free to call Tamara 604-783-6022 We would […]

30 day Spring Cleanse Challenge Make Over

Transformational Cleanse Challenge Start Date is April 6 – May 6th 2010 How it works It has been proven that those who have accountability and support have better results. I will consult with you on your goals and design a specific easy to follow program for you to get you the absolute best results. This […]