30 Day Fat Loss Jump Start For Busy Moms!


  1. You are in awesome shape, and very inspirational! Thanks for all your great suggestions! Jen

  2. Thanx Jen!
    I appreciate your feedback.
    Let me know how I can help you!


  3. Not only can you lose body fat but you can also gain muscle too. That’s a great plus for me because I’m trying to some lose weight and tone up a bit. The phone coaching is added in too which I think is really good. Will definitely check it out.

  4. Hi Kris,

    Yes amazing moms fat loss focuses on fast, effective workouts that will help you lose fat
    and build sexy muscle. Building muscle is what gives moms the slim sexy lean look and makes their curves look better, no more jiggling parts!
    The phone coaching allows moms to get the support and accountability without
    having to find a babysitter, it also means I can support and help you achieve your goals no matter where you live!
    I found that the biggest predictor of success with my clients is having support to help them through the tough days and
    teach them how to stop self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

    Thanx for your comment!

    Tamara Kosaba

  5. I see the registration deadline is March 1, 2011. Are we still able to access this program. I really hate that I didn’t come across this sooner. If you are still offering this, I would love to get in contact with you.

  6. Hi Maxine,

    Yes, I am still offering this. The deadline is actually April 15th, somehow I posted the wrong deadline.
    I will email the information and we can set up a consultation to get you started!
    I look forward to connecting with you!

    Tamara Kosaba

  7. Thankyou for all the helpful information. You look amazing for having 2 young children!

  8. Hi Ann,

    I am glad you find this information helpful!
    Let me know if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover!
    Thanks so much for the compliment!

    All the best,
    Tamara Kosaba

  9. This looks like a great program for me to try out. I’m a mother of three kids and me and my hubby both work. So we are really busy with jobs and taking care of the kids. Such a busy schedule has really had an impact on my weight since I’ve been doing a lot of fast food and not really exercising as much. I’ve been looking for a program to help me shed some pounds that won’t take up as much time and what you are offering is right up my alley. I love all of what the program offers and I’m looking forward to emailing you. BTW, you look great.

  10. Your program looks really nice. Just one question though. On average, how many pounds do think someone could lose after following your 30 day fat loss jump start program? I’m very interested if it could help me lose 10-30 pounds.

  11. Hi Donna,

    Of course results will always vary depending on your commitment to both the exercise and nutrition.
    On average women typically lose 12-18lbs in30 days. The last winner of the challenge lost 15 pounds and 28 inches! Men of course tend to lose weight faster and typically lose 15-30lbs in the 30 days. This is a lifestyle change and not a diet. To maintain results and to continue getting results you must keep up the exercise and diet changes you made throughout the 30 days. I am happy to do a complimentary health assessment and consultation to see if this program is right for you. If not there is 100% money back guarantee!

  12. Wow Tamara. This looks like an awesome program! I would love to be able to offer my clients some of your expertise in fitness when they decide to cleanse.

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