Fat Loss Goal Getting Vs Goal Setting for Moms!

Hey Busy Moms,

Are you still on track with your New Years Resolutions for 2011?

If not watch this short video, leave me a comment about your goals for 2011 and how you are

making your goals a reality or why you are struggling!

Best comment will receive...

A 60 minute strategic coaching session with Tamara to accelerate your fat loss and goal getting for 2011!

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  1. I’ve set some goals for myself in regards to my body and health. The first one is to start eating healthier. Less junk food and sodas and more healthier foods and water. This may seem like an easy goal to achieve but its hard when you are busy and choose fast food or have established unhealthy eating habits. I also want to get rid of my belly fat. I haven’t been doing exercises every day but I’m working on it. I think having a solid plan that I can follow and support will help me achieve my goals better and faster. This video has really made me reexamine my goals for this year.

  2. Hi Renee,

    Great job on getting started and setting some goals.
    Read my blog on how to set goals and remember to focus on behavioral goals that you do daily that help reinforce good habits and lead to your big goals.

    Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Great video. My goal for this year is to get into better shape. I want to lose a few pounds and tone up my body. I’ve been doing exercise three times a week for 45 minutes but it’s the diet that always gets me. Eating healthy isn’t always easy to do. So I’m trying to cut back on the junk by leaving it off my grocery list.

  4. Hi Tanya,

    I would suggest you read my post on goal setting and download my free ebook. It is located on the top right corner. There are great tips to get you started as well as bonus workouts for strength and interval workouts.
    Check out my YouTube channel for more home workouts Amazingmomsfitness. Check back and let me know how your doing:)

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