Goal Setting for Fat Loss!

How to set fat loss goals and achieve them!

If not let's talk about why it is critical to achieving your goals.

Research has proven that people who set goals, write them down are much more likely to achieve their goals than people who just talk about what they want.

Achieve your goals this year, learn how to get your goals and not just set them!

Decide what you want for yourself,

Why do you want it?

How will your life change when you accomplish this goal?

Have you tried before?

What were your strengths and what were the obstacles?

How will you overcome those obstacles?

Who will support you on your fat loss journey?

Who may try to sabotage your goal?

How will you handle these people, what will you say or do?

Who will support you and how will they help you?

After you have answered these questions, develop your plan of action.

What are three things you can do everyday that will take you one step closer to your goals?

1. Write down what, when and how much I eat at www.fitday.com

2. I will drink a cup of water before each meal or snack

3. I will make a shake for breakfast

These people set and achieved their fat loss goals!

What did they do?

A customized nutritional plan and they got the support they needed to succeed!

This could be you!

  • Are you tired of being overweight?
  • Are you frustrated with your lack of success with other programs?
  • Do you want to fit into normal sized clothes?
  • Do you want a flat, sexy stomach

Get started today on your program!

14 Day Jump Start to Fat Loss

This program is for moms who are struggling to lose weight who want step by step instructions on how to get their bodies back.

Discover common mistakes moms make when trying to lose fat.

Learn how to increase your metabolism

Learn how to manage your hunger and stop the cravings!

Support your fat loss by giving your body the nutrition it needs

Quick meals and snacks that help you eat regularly and avoid the mid-day crash

This program includes

  • 1 hour phone consultation
  • Nutritional products recommended based on your goals and your lifestyle
  • 30 Day fat Loss Workout for busy moms
  • Weekly 30 minute coaching call
  • Email access to ask Tamara any questions you may have
  • Awesome bonuses from top fitness professionals!!

To book your complimentary consultation call Tamara Kosaba at Amazing Mom's Fat Loss 604-783-6022

Discuss your goals and discover how the "14 day Fat Loss Jump Start Program" will help you get the results you want for 2011!

All nutritional products have a full 30 day money back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with the "14 day Fat Loss Jump Start Program" for any reason!

Leave a comment and tell me what  your goals for 2011?


  1. i love it

  2. your good

  3. This is a very good article on fat loss goal setting. Finding the answers to the questions you mentioned really helps a lot. Then you can come up with a good plan of action to help reach those goals and lose weight. I have to say that your 14 Day Jump Start to Fat Loss looks like a great plan of action.

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    I am glad you liked the article and I hope it helped with any questions you may have.

    please post any oth questions you have, I am happy to help you achieve your goals!

  5. Hi, I’m actually serious about my goal to lose weight this year so I’ve written down my goal and jotted down the questions you stated in this article. I’m going to answer them and give a lot of thought to them. I’m also going to take your advice and note down three things I can do each day to help me lose the weight. I’m sure you will be hearing from me soon about your program.

  6. Hi Jessie,
    The key to achieving your goals is to write them down, set a deadline and tell your friends and coworkers so they can hold you accountable and support you. To make your goals more manageable make sure to set daily behavioral goals. Such as….
    1. Drink glass water before each meal
    2. Record food intake in a journal or online at http://www.fit day.com
    3. Download tamaras ebook
    4. Follow workouts in tamaras ebook or home workouts on YouTube channel Amazingmomsfitness.

    Good luck, I look forward to hearing how you do!
    let me know if you any other questions!

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