Sexy abs for busy moms!

Here is your plan to get started so you can wear form fitting tops, sit down without your belly spilling over your pants and of course you can put on your bathing suit confidence!

Skinny Jeans Workout

Step 1: Download my free ebook how to get back into your  skinny jeans for easy to follow steps to improve your diet  easily and effectively.

To get your copy just fill in your name and email where you see this ebook on the right side. Then check your email to confirm and you will be able to download it instantly:)

Step 2: Buy a notebook and cue cards

Step 3: Take a before picture of you in a bathing suit or shorts  and tank top with the date from a newspaper.

Step 4: Place before picture on cue card, somewhere you can see it when temptation is calling and you need to remind yourself why you are doing this.

Step 5: Open your notebook and write down why you want to lose weight.

I want you to write down your answer and then ask the same question over and over until you find the real reason that drives you to make decisions.

For example I want to lose weight because I hate being overweight, having nothing to wear and feeling bad about myself when I go out

Why do I have nothing to wear and why do I feel bad?

I have nothing to wear because I refuse to go shopping, shopping makes me feel bad and makes me realize how big I really am.

I feel bad because I feel unattractive and out of control with my eating, I avoid sex and intimate contact with my boyfriend or husband because I am embrassed about I look.

I want to lose weight because I will feel better about myself and I will be so excited to buy sexy clothes in normal sizes. It will feel amazing to feel good in my skin and  not embrassed about how I look.

My why is increase my self confidence so I can have a more fulfilling relationship with my husband and I will be happier and have more energy to spend time with my family and friends. I will look forward to family gathering and girls night out rather than make excuses to avoid them.

Step 6: Write your why down on a cue card

Step 7: Write down the benefits of losing weight in your notebook

Here are a few to get you started

  1. Increase in energy
  2. Increase in self confidence
  3. Clothes fit better
  4. Feel better physically
  5. Feel better mentally

There is 7 steps to get you started, I know you know what these reasons are.

If you keep doing what you have always done you get the same results!

Do these steps and before you realize it you will be losing weight and barely trying!

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