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istock_000009500168smallIt seems like we are surrounded by fitness and nutritional programs, heck we have tried at least half of them. Most of them are sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Ironically when the next latest and greatest program comes along we jump and buy it, hoping that this time it will be different, this time it will work.

So we start the cycle we follow the program, we like the program and then we quit! We give up, resign to the idea that this program is too hard, we just can’t keep it up. So we slowly gain the weight back as we settle back into our comfortable old routines.

We are discouraged, frustrated and we just don’t understand why we can’t stick to the program! Suzy down the road had no problem losing the weight and has kept it off, who by the way is “prancing around showing off her great body!” Ugh!

We have all experienced this type of defeat as a women whether it is with weight loss or following our dreams.

We admire, loath and want be those women who lose weight and keep it off, the women who are starting new businesses and following their dreams.

How do they do it? Are they a different sub-culture of women?

These women have learned and incorporated the 5 secrets that allow them to get what they want.

So for the majority of women who can’t seem to figure it out , I’m going to share what sets women up for failure, the 5 secrets that succesful women live by and lastly we will pull it all together and teach you how to implement these 5 secrets to get the life you want for good!

Would you like to help me test drive my coaching program?

I need 5 moms who have struggled with their weight and are committed and ready to make a change! The program is all online so it does not matter where you live!

If you are a busy mom who struggles with losing weight and gaining it back,

This program is for you! Plus, its FREE, for moms that are ready to commit and get results!

Why is it free? I need your feedback and your testimonials.

I know that you are crazy busy with your kids and family, just like me.

This program is designed for busy moms, like you who need a solution that works into your lifestyle and you can do around your crazy family schedule!

So what is the program?

Weekly coaching calls that provide step by step instructions on what to do and why.

All calls will be recorded and emailed to you so you can listen at your convenience.

Weekly worksheets that help you stay on track and figure out where you might be sabotaging yourself.

Your weekly workout and meal guidelines to help you blend into your family dinners

Weekly accountability for goals

Videos showing you how to do the workouts

Finally you can email me with any questions

Ready to lose weight and get your body back?

Call Tamara 604.783.6022 or email Tamara Today at

I need your responses back by

sunday night, November 21, 2010!

If you are keen I know you will respond as soon as you read this!

I look forward to helping you get the body that you want for good!

Tamara Kosaba

To get started call 604.783.6022 or email

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