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Ever since she was young, Tamara Kosaba’s passion for fitness and well-being has brought her notice. You may have known someone like her when you were in school: the encouraging one who led the class on cross-country runs. Always reaching out and showing the way. For Tamara, this was the genesis of a fulfilling career.

While some worked in fast food, a 15year-old Tamara was promoting gym memberships for Fitness World, earning her workout time as a perk. And over the next decade she built upon this foundation by working with some of the best personal trainers of the day – further refining her methods and techniques.

Balancing her career with education, Tamara studied at Simon Fraser University, acquiring an impressive list of credentials: a BGS with a double minor in Kinesiology and Gerontology; a Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies; and another in Applied Human Nutrition. These achievements, along with being multi-certified in Pilates and Personal Training, gave her the practical and theoretical knowledge and skill to provide a deeper, more profound understanding of her clients’ needs and helping them meet their fitness and wellness goals.

Tamara’s life was then touched by tragedy with the sudden passing of her father, taken by cancer far too early in his life. This effected her profoundly. Mourning her father, she reassessed her life and future, before realizing it was time to start a family of her own and give her career a break. Tragedy struck once more taking her mother and because Tamara was home taking care of her children she was able to care for her mother in the last 6 months of her life.

These experiences drive Tamara to be proactive in her health and inspires her to teach others how to take care of their body to ensure a long healthy life!

It was through these life-changing experiences that Tamara was inspired to create her personal training method for busy moms. By combining her personal experiences as a mother of two with everything she’d learned throughout her career and education, she has designed a program specifically for new moms to quickly regain or exceed their pre-pregnancy fitness levels. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of knowledge and it’s available now to those who wish to be: Fit. Sexy and Strong.

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