30 day Spring Cleanse Challenge Make Over

Transformational Cleanse Challenge

Start Date is April 6 - May 6th 2010

How it works

It has been proven that those who have accountability and support have better results. I will consult with you on your goals and design a specific easy to follow program for you to get you the absolute best results. This is a NO STARVATION zone, so you won’t be starving. Please see FAQs for more information.

Free unlimited coaching
Free weekly bootcamp with Tamara
Free Start and finish weigh in and measure
On-line support forum
Meal Planning

Prizes for the Most Referrals & The Biggest Loser (AKA winner!)

Qualify for a $150 rebate
If you have at least 2 friends who join you in getting healthy


* 30 minute massage from Lianne Beaudry
* $50 gift card to Beyond Hair & Esthetics
* 1 Hour Psychic from Teri at foreverinthelight.ca
* 3 lipo laser treatments from meridian medical
* Custom designed jewelery from Stephanie
* Facial & pedicure from Koi Day Spa
* 1 month of Beginner Bootcamp from Tamara Kosaba
* All contestants will get before and after pictures from ImageMakers
* Winner will get makeover and a photoshoot!


“In November of last year, I was at the end of my rope. I was not fat or overweight per se, just really unhealthy and I felt terrible and extremely tired all of the time. I smoked a pack a day, eating really trashy and I really slowed down on the exercise. I attempted to quit smoking a million times with nicotine gum, laser treatments, acupuncture, Zyban, you name it, I used it. In regards to food, I have always been an emotional and/or bored eater. My portions were getting out of control and I all the food made me feel gross and tired. I was ready and needed to make a choice to change……
I spent my smoking money on my first 14 day cleanse. I couldn’t believe how successful I was. I was not hungry, I discovered organic food and learned to listen to my body instead of my mind. I loved the 14 day so much, that I bought a 30 day and did it right after. I lost 14 pounds and felt like rock star! I quit smoking the first day and I was surprisingly fine. Later on I attributed this to all of the happy B vitamins in the cleanse. They made my body not go into withdrawal and shock from the lack of nicotine plus I was really desperate to quit.
I have continued on with the maintenance package and I still love the shakes. I look and feel fantastic, looking forward to the 30 day challenge.”
Ren Fukushima


Day 7 - January 22

“Lost another pound and a half since Wednesday. I’m down 6 1/2 lbs now – that’s in one week. I woke up and had my morning glass of Ionix Supreme, then 30 minutes later I had a Vanilla shake with 1/2 a pack (10g) of Want More Energy. That was tasty.
I’m noticing a difference in my energy and strength at the gym – a big difference actually. I found myself adding an additional 10 to 20 lbs to most of my weight lifting activities. Also, for the past 2 years I’ve had problems with my hands giving out on me when doing lat pull downs and seated rows, by the time I get near the end of both my 2nd and 3rd set, my hands often get so sore that it was painful to keep gripping the handles of the equipment and I would have to to stop before completing the set. On Wednesday, I noticed a difference and said “Let’s see what it’s like next time” – sure enough, the problem is practically gone, and I was lifting heavier weights as well.
I’ve also had a sore shoulder for the last year. After my workout
today, I suddenly realised I had so little pain, if any, that I didn’t even think about it!”
Craig Addy

Your Coach

Tamara Kosaba is a mother, a nutritional coach, multi-certified pilates and personal trainer. 
Over the years, she has helped hundreds of clients to reach
 their optimal health through personal training and nutritional coaching.


Q – Will I have to be near a bathroom? I hear that this happens when cleansing.
A – No, this cleanse will nourish your body and you will not have to be near the bathroom.
Q – Do I have to give up coffee?
A – For best results you should not drink coffee and I have a really easy way of easing you off coffee.
Q – Will I have a headache or lack of energy?
A – Our goal is to ease you into the program so you will feel as good as possible. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you may experience some cleansing symptoms like a headache but that is just withdrawl and that will not last.
Q – I smoke, maybe I should wait to quit before I start?
A – Why wait to get healthy? I can tailor your program to suit you and you won’t have to give up cigarettes cold turkey. Your best results are always top of mind and are priority.
Q – I don’t have any weight to lose. Is a cleanse right for me?
A – Yes, everyone needs to cleanse. If you don’t have weight to lose you will not lose weight. You will be gaining lean muscle mass, just like those who have weight to lose.
Q – I hear that if I have weight to lose I will lose quite a bit but isn’t it only safe to lose 1-2lbs a week?
A – If you are doing a traditional diet, yes, 1-2 lbs of weight is healthy but this is not a diet. You will be addressing toxicity. Toxins are enrobbed in fat and water. When you cleanse properly you will lose fat and gain muscle.
Q – I work out a lot. Can I still work out while cleansing?
A – Yes you can. Depending on the program we choose for you, there might be up to two days in the week where you would be doing a modified gentle program of exercise.

If you just can’t wait to start, you may make a purchase right away by clicking here and placing your order. It will arrive within 3-5 business days. It is important that you choose the program that is right for you. I suggest the 30 day program with bars.

If you can wait, I do recommend that we chat so I can set you up so you get your absolute best results.

Call me at 604 783 6022 for a no charge consultation.

Commited to your success!

Tamara Kosaba, BGS

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