What is your biggest challenge?

Hi ladies,

I have a few spots left for the amazing moms challenge if you are interested read the first post and send your info to tamara@amazingmomsfitness.com

Can you guys help me and let me know what has been your biggest challenge in the past when you have tried to lose weight?

Are you overwhelmed by what to do?

Run, kick box, pilates, swim, step class?

Are you searching for what is going to work best and get you the fastest results?

How about weights? Do you use them always, sometimes?

When you finish your workout are you tired? Or are you just happy you made it to the gym and did something?

Get focused, try this today!

Grab a little notebook that will fit in your purse.

Use this notebook to record your food intake, and to keep tabs on your goals.
After recording your food for at least 3 days and 1 weekend have a look and make some goals how you can improve your eating.

For example

1. Include protein and a little fat into every meal.
This will make you feel more energetic, less mental fog, decreased food cravings for sweets and processed carbs and will keep you feeling full for longer!

2. Buy a reusable water bottle and fill it up and keep it with you. If you dislike water add lemon, or lime to make it more refreshing.

3. Eat regularly and pack healthy snacks so you always have food if you feel your blood sugar dropping. This will keep you from making poor food choices when your starving and will eat anything!

What will be your goals? Leave me a post.

Have a great day amazing moms!

Yours in health and fitness,
Tamara Kosaba

P.S If you signed up for the ebook, it is almost finished! Thanks for your patience!

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