Hey Amazing Moms

Good morning ladies,

For the ladies interested in participating in the amazing moms challenge your  entries must be in by Sunday September 27, 09.

1. You need to send me a picture of you front, side and back with the current date using a newspaper for verification.

Get a copy of these pictures for yourself and place one in your wallet, on the fridge, wherever you think might be helpful. These pictures will help you  stay focused and will remind you why you don't need to have ice cream, the easy fast food for lunch, or the doughnuts.

2. Your weight

3. Measurements ( Chest, waist, hips, arms, thighs)

4. What losing weight means to you and how it will improve your life

Now, if you have done that then the next step is to RECORD your food intake

So find yourself a little book you can keep in your purse and use it!

  • Record what you eat,
  • the time,
  • where were you,
  • with who,
  • how much,
  • Condiments,what were they and how much
  • how hungry were you (1-5)  1- not hungry at all, 2- starting to feel hungry, 5-STARVING!
  • how you felt after you ate. (Energized, tired, still hungry)

Clients always dig their heels in and usually make excuses why they didn't record their food or complain that it is to much work.

Recording your food intake gives you valuable information needed for reaching your goal weight!

Clients who record their food lose more weight than clients who don't.

Take control of your food and make a conscious effort to plan your meals or at least record what you are eating. This will give you the ability to set clear goals on what you can do today to get closer to feeling better and losing fat!

Clients usually truly believe that they eat healthy. Some are just easily mislead by deceiving marketing. Nevertheless this is crucial information.

If you forget to record a  meal do not give up just carry on with the next snack or meal in your book and make a note that you missed some food. It is not a all or none mentality it is essential that you are consistent, which can take some practice.

Begin setting Goals

These goals will go in your little book.

After looking at your food intake, I am sure you will have a pretty good idea on areas you may need to improve on. Make 5 goals for the week.

Here are some examples

1. Drink a shake for breakfast

2. Carry almonds, apple and water in my purse for snacks

3. Cut up veggies 5 veggies for the day and place in fridge for easy access to increase veggie intake

4. Use a smaller plate for dinner

5. Plan each meal so there is good fat, protein and complex carbs (veggies or whole grains)

Let me know what your biggest challenges are for eating healthy, and list your 5 goals for this week!

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Tamara Kosaba

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